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Healthcare coverage can assure your child’s use of health care by helping purchase routine examinations and immunizations, prescription medications, hospital stays, along with other health services. Many parents add their kids as loved ones to some group health plan offered through their employer or perhaps an association. For many parents, group coverage isn’t a choice because it’s too costly or their employer does not provide a health plan.

If you’re not able to insure your kids through dependent group coverage, think about these possible options:

private healthcare coverage from an insurance provider or health maintenance organization (HMO)

coverage through Children’s State medicaid programs

coverage with the Children’s Medical Health Insurance Program (Nick)

coverage with the Texas Medical Health Insurance Pool.

Also visit to explore coverage of health and also the possibilities for the children. is really a comprehensive website for healthcare coverage information and it is a totally free service from the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI).

Private Healthcare Coverage

Healthcare plans might be classified as either indemnity (also known as fee-for-service) or handled care. The main variations between your two would be the extent to which you’ll choose companies, your costs for covered services, and just how your claims are compensated. Following is really a brief description of both kinds of plans:

Indemnity Plans

Insurance providers problem indemnity plans. Diets permit you to use any physician or hospital you would like. You might want to shell out-of-pocket whenever you receive treatment, and you or maybe your provider will be sending claims form towards the insurance provider to pay for its share from the cost for covered services.

You have to meet an insurance deductible every year. An insurance deductible may be the amount you spend up front prior to the insurance provider pays anything toward your healthcare. Insurance deductibles vary by plan, so make certain you realize the quantity of your deductible. For those who have multiple children taught in plan, you might want to meet separate insurance deductibles for every child each year. Generally, the greater your deductible, the low your premium is going to be.

Once you’ve met your deductible, most indemnity plans pays a portion from the remaining cost for covered health services and need you to spend the money for relaxation. This cost-discussing is known as coinsurance. The total amount you spend in coinsurance will be different by plan. For example, some plans pay 80 % from the cost, departing you to definitely pay 20 %. In Texas, health plans be forced to pay a minimum of 50 % of the price of covered services following the deductible continues to be met. Just like insurance deductibles, the greater the number you pay in coinsurance, the low your premium is going to be.

Handled Care Plans

Handled care plans use systems of selected doctors, hospitals, along with other companies to supply comprehensive health services to organize people. You have less documents minimizing out-of-pocket costs inside a handled care plan, but the selection of doctors is generally limited. You will find two kinds of handled care plans in Texas: preferred provider organizations (PPOs) and health maintenance organizations (HMOs).


Insurance providers problem PPO plans. You are able to take your son or daughter to the physician or provider you select – even when the physician or provider isn’t within the PPO’s network – however your out-of-pocket costs is going to be lower if you are using network companies.

PPOs typically need you to pay a monthly premium, coinsurance, along with a copayment any time you receive health care.


HMOs normally need you to use doctors, hospitals, along with other healthcare companies within their systems. You have to choose a doctor to supervise your child’s healthcare and behave as a gatekeeper with other companies. Which means you should have a referral in the doctor if you wish to take your son or daughter to some specialist or any other physician.

An HMO will often never pay for services provided outdoors its network, except in medical problems or perhaps in certain other situations. If your little one receives nonemergency health care from the provider outdoors the HMO’s network, you will probably result in having to pay the entire quantity of the balance.

HMOs typically need you to pay a monthly premium along with a copayment any time you visit the physician or receive health care.

For lists of HMOs and insurance companies writing individual health guidelines in Texas, call the TDI Consumer Help Line or visit our website


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Federal Health Reform

The Individual Protection and Affordable Care Act – the government healthcare reform law – provides significant additional insurance coverages and fortifies consumer protections starting with health insurance plans released or restored after September 23, 2010. To learn more and regular updates, visit TDI’s Federal Healthcare Reform Resource Page at: world wide

Two provisions affecting healthcare coverage for kids required effect September 23, 2010. The very first enables children who can’t get healthcare coverage using their companies to remain on their parents’ plans until age 26. Another provision forbids insurance companies from denying coverage to some dependent child under age 19 due to pre-existing conditions. Exactly the same is going to be true for grown ups and dependent children age 19 and older starting in 2014.

Children’s State medicaid programs and Nick

Should you can’t afford private healthcare coverage, you might have the ability to obtain coverage through Children’s State medicaid programs or Nick. Both programs provide coverage of health to qualified children through age 18.

To learn more, or to try to get Children’s State medicaid programs or Nick, call the Texas Health insurance and Human Services Commission (HHSC) or visit its website. You apply the same application to try to get both programs.

1-877-KIDS-NOW (543-7669)

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Children’s State medicaid programs

Children’s State medicaid programs is really a condition and federal assistance program that delivers healthcare coverage for qualified low-earnings Texans. The advantages are extensive and frequently much better than the advantages supplied by private healthcare coverage. Benefits include regular examinations and visits to the doctor dental professional visits and cleanings eye exams and glasses hospital care mental healthcare prescription medications and vaccines.

To be eligible for a State medicaid programs, a young child should be

a Texas resident

a U.S. citizen or permanent resident (parents’ citizenship or immigration status has no effect on a child’s qualifications and isn’t reported around the application)

under age 19

residing in a household with financial assets, assets, and earnings that meet Medicaid’s needs.

A family’s home and private property aren’t incorporated when identifying assets, but any area of the worth of an automobile might be incorporated. Children’s State medicaid programs defines family every grown ups – parents, grandma and grandpa, relatives, legal parents, or adult brothers and sisters – who’re living and taking care of without insurance children.

HHSC determines State medicaid programs qualifications for many children. Children in families receiving Temporary Assistance for Desperate Families (TANF) instantly qualify. HHSC usually reviews a family’s finances every six several weeks to find out if taking part youngsters are still qualified.


Nick is really a federal and condition coverage of health program for families who bring home money to be eligible for a State medicaid programs but can’t afford a personal healthcare coverage. Private insurance providers and HMOs offer Nick state-wide.

Nick benefits are similar to most private health plans. Benefits include regular examinations and visits to the doctor hospital care and surgery prescription medications, limited mental health services and vaccines.

Taking part families usually pay a fee that covers all the family’s children within the plan. The charge is dependant on earnings and it is $50 or less per family every 12 several weeks. Most families also provide copayments varying from $3 to $10 for physician visits, prescription medications, and emergency care.

There’s a 90-day waiting period for kids who have been insured within the 3 months before using for Nick the very first time. You will find several exceptions, including one for kids who lost coverage just because a parent was let go, a parent’s plan no more will pay for loved ones, or even the parent’s marital status transformed. After enrolling, families must renew Nick coverage each year.

To be eligible for a Nick, a young child should be

a Texas resident

under age 19

a U.S. citizen or legal permanent resident (parents’ citizenship or immigration status has no effect on a child’s qualifications and isn’t reported around the application)

residing in a household that fits Nick earnings needs (you will find some conditions and terms in line with the child’s age, but internet family earnings can’t ever become more than two times the government poverty level).

Note: Nick also supplies a Nick Perinatal program for Texas citizens who’re pregnant, without insurance, and never qualified for State medicaid programs. Coverage begins prior to the child comes into the world which last for 12 several weeks. Benefits include 20 prenatal visits hospitalization that leads to delivery and regular examinations, vaccines, and medications for that baby.

Texas Medical Health Insurance Pool

Parents could also have the ability to cover their kids with the Texas Medical Health Insurance Pool. Coverage with the Health Pool could be costly. Rates could be two times the speed billed within the standard market.

The Pool is mainly for Texans who’re not able to obtain insurance from private insurance companies due to their own health condition. You may even be qualified for coverage if your company offered a policy that excludes coverage for the medical problem or offered a policy in a greater cost compared to Health Pool’s rate.

Health Pool coverage is comparable to private healthcare coverage. Benefits cover hospital stays, physician services, and prescription medications. The Pool also provides coverage for serious mental illness, susceptible to twelve months maximums for inpatient and outpatient treatment. The Pool doesn’t cover strategy to chemical dependency or substance abuse.

To become qualified for Health Pool coverage, a young child should be among the following:

declined for similar individual coverage for your health

identified having a medical problem that instantly qualifies for Health Pool coverage

not able to locate similar individual coverage, except at rates greater than individuals billed through the Health Pool

licensed by a real estate agent as not able due to a medical problem to acquire similar private healthcare coverage from the licensed insurance provider or HMO the agent signifies

a dependent of the adult taught in Health Pool.

To learn more, call the Pool or visit its website


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Other Available Choices

If your little one is school age, request someone at the child’s school when the school offers insurance coverage. Some schools offer affordable health plans for his or her students. Schools could also have the ability to let you know about other options for care. For example, some schools may take part in close ties with local healthcare companies to supply free or low-cost services, for example examinations and immunizations, for their students.

If none of those options work with your family, both you and your children might be qualified for indigent healthcare. For info on indigent care options inside your county, speak to your county courthouse.

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