Free Dental Cleanings

Free Dental Cleanings From Day one up to $75 with any Dentist you want….along with coverage on every thing else…



Dental Insurance for Seniors UCT understands that with rising Healthcare costs, employees are dealing with reduced health benefits, loss of health benefits completely or they have to pay more to keep their health benefits. Basic Medicare does not cover dental, vision or hearing expenses. Some Medicare supplement policies may provide some coverage, but not all. From big businesses to the self-employed to retired individuals, we are all feeling the effects of these rising costs. UCT knows the importance of dental, vision and hearing care and the impact these have on a person’s overall health.

Dental hygienists work in professional settings, mostly in private dentist office, where they perform services designed to detect and prevent diseases of the mouth. They often receive their training in community programs where they need volunteer patients to practice examining the head, neck and oral areas for signs of disease. Because they need large numbers of both men and women with differing degrees of oral hygiene, they welcome the general public to volunteer for X-rays, teeth cleanings and applying fluoride and sealants. Many dental hygiene schools offer these services without charge.

Locate schools for dental hygienists in a local phone book or search for “dental hygienists schools” or “dental schools” on the Internet. Ask a dentist for a referral or look at this web-site; she knows the local schools from hiring dental hygienists herself.

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    Prepare for the first visit. Write a list of all pills you take, their strengths and how often you take them. Jot down the names of your parents, brother and sisters, their ages and birthplaces. If your parents are deceased, be ready to tell the hygienists the cause of their deaths.

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    Meet the hygienist. The hygienist is usually more nervous than the patient because an instructor is observing him. He is going to ask many medical questions and write down information that appears peculiar for a person who is cleaning teeth.