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Now available to Texans that have A Pre-Existing Condition and have been declined. THIS IS NOT A DISCOUNT PLAN but the Government Guarantee Issue Health Insurance.


Guaranteed Issue Health Insurance Texas
Guaranteed Issue Health Insurance Texas

Guaranteed Issue Health Insurance Texas

5 Signs You might need a Health Care Insurance Specialist

Are you currently overcome with a collection of explanation of great benefit forms that you simply can’t decipher?

Have you got a large amount of out-of-network medical expenses?

Are you currently getting medical bills – without any method of knowing they’re correct?

Has your insurance provider refused your medical claims?

Is the existence so busy that you’ll require simply need some help?

“How can one know if my medical bills are correct”

“How will I determine if my insurance provider has compensated everything they ought to?”

“How will I know that I’m having to pay things i truly owe?”

The task of the health care insurance specialist is to work through the details, review itemized physician and hospital bills, insurance benefit claims, and medical records. “This comprehensive review can help you get fair treatment inside a complex and confusing healthcare system and assures you of the true and accurate bill”,WE advocate with respect to OUR clients to obtain them the advantages they deserve, once we resolve billing errors, eliminate overcharges, and negotiate bill cutbacks.

Health care insurance specialists are familiar with helping persistently ill people and/or families taking care of a persistently ill child, or spouse. Based on Ms. Knapp, “When families coping significant health problems, the responsibility of fighting with insurance providers and healthcare companies to make certain bills are correct, and correctly processed through the insurance provider is a more stress it normally won’t need to cope with in a very hard amount of time in their lives. An insurance coverage specialist can part of to handle the procedure, and permit you to concentrate on fixing your family members.”

Additionally, for senior citizens who’re confused through the complexity of Medicare insurance supplement guidelines and Medicare insurance Part D drug plans, health care insurance specialists can offer advice and enrollment assistance inside a plan which will supply the finest benefit in the cheapest cost.

A current article released through the Wall Street Journal, How you can Fight a Bogus Bill states that lots of medical bills contain errors which that a number of these errors go undetected. The content indicates that as much as 80% of medical bills contain errors. Additionally, customers are now being delivered to collection because of filing errors. Additionally they offer tips about the very best techniques to solve medical billing and insurance issues. An empowered consumer can fight, operate for his or her privileges and obtain medical billing and insurance errors remedied.

Carol Knapp is really a person in a national organization of medical billing advocates – Medical Billing Advocates of America (MBAA). Advocates originate from a number of skills: medical health insurance, nurses, lawyers, licensed medical programmers, and healthcare managers. People support one another within their common goal of the fair and true medical expense, by discussing understanding and abilities because they interact on difficult cases.

Should you clarified yes to even one of these simple questions, talking to having a health care insurance specialist is extremely suggested. Medical Billing Advocacy from the Rockies supplies a free initial consultation to examine the details of the individual situation and can determine your requirements, and recommend a strategy to resolve your insurance issues.

“After investing ten years within the medical health insurance area employed by a significant health insurance provider, I saw a vital requirement for this particular service. Learning and taking apart the health care jargon and codes isn’t something the overall population can perform, nor has got the time for you to do”

Let us face the facts. Medical health insurance plans could be confusing. Choose the incorrect plan and you could discover that you simply don’t have the coverage you’ll need, or else you are having to pay greater than you would expect. Using more than 100 intends to choose from, how are you aware which plan fits your needs? The reply is, unless of course you can get a specialist you will not know. This is where we are available in!

Why Sort Out Us?

What’s inside it for you personally?

Legally, medical health insurance plan costs can’t be reduced. What this means is whether you buy your plan through us, with an insurance company or from another person, you buy the car costs for the similar plan will be exactly the same. Guaranteed.

Should you use the internet without assistance it may be tough to see whether any plan’s much better, any worse or different than every other plan. If you are using our trained experts to judge which plan is the best for you, you are able to avoid choosing the incorrect plan. This is often pricey.

Should you go straight to any adverse health insurance company you will simply have the ability to assess the plans from that company, and that means you is going to be evaluating only a small amount of available plans.

We works together with clients to:

Implement their plan by settling rates with service providers, matching enrollment and underwriting and finalizing documentation.

Communicate the program to employees to improve their understanding and appreciation of the benefit program.

Support all of them with timely and continuing service.

Wellness Education

As a means of emphasizing the significance of maintaining the kitchen connoisseur, we offer use of a web-based wellness e-newsletter for the clients’ employees.


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