Maternity Coverage in Texas


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If you are pregnant and do not have Health Insurance there is a Insurance plan that will cover you. The new Texas Pre Existing Condition Health Insurance plan is your answer. If you qualify for this insurance this is your answer. This is not a discount plan but full fledged Health Insurance. So if you need coverage send me a message from this site or call 512-260-0856 and lets talk.Here are the Texas rates.

Age Standard Option Extended Option HSA Option
0 to 18 $133 $179 $138
19 to 34 $199 $268 $207
35 to 44 $239 $323 $248
45 to 54 $306 $412 $318
55+ $426 $572 $442



What’s Maternity Coverage?

Maternity coverage isn’t a stand-alone insurance policy but an advantage connected with a few medical health insurance intends to help cover medical expenses connected with pregnancy and delivery. Women that are pregnant may receive insufficient prenatal care if they’re without insurance. Combined using the costs of going to an Doctor-GYN and hospital stays, an without insurance pregnancy can lead to 1000’s in expenses that you may have to pay for up front.

Making certain Coverage for Pregnancy and Postnatal Care

Because pregnancy is usually considered a pre-existing medical problem that could disqualify you against acquiring individually-bought coverage, you should choose any adverse health insurance policy that provides maternity coverage prior to getting pregnant, if at all possible. If you have a current individual medical health insurance plan without maternity coverage, you might have the ability to request a maternity driver, that is an amendment for an insurance plan permitting for further coverage.

Regardless if you are seeking any adverse health insurance policy with maternity coverage or perhaps a maternity driver, many medical health insurance plans require having to wait (typically 6 several weeks to at least one year) before maternity coverage takes over. However, rules can vary by condition.

What Services are Covered for Expecting Moms?

Medical health insurance plans that provide maternity coverage will typically cover part or all the medical cost throughout a ladies pregnancy. Coverage is divided into inpatient and outpatient services. Typically, inpatient coverage includes hospitalization and physician costs connected with giving birth. Outpatient coverage will pay for prenatal and postnatal Doctor-GYN visits to the doctor.

The quantity of maternity coverage you obtain will vary from intend to plan. Certain medical health insurance plans will apply your annual deductible before covering part or all your medical expenses while some may waive the deductible requirement. Also, your everyday copayments for the stay in hospital may differ. Before using for any medical health insurance plan, you should choose the program that can help lower your out-of-pocket costs and finest match your maternity coverage needs.