Maternity Health Insurance Texas

Age Standard Option Extended Option HSA Option
0 to 18 $133 $179 $138
19 to 34 $199 $268 $207
35 to 44 $239 $323 $248
45 to 54 $306 $412 $318
55+ $426 $572 $442

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If you are pregnant and do not have Health Insurance there is a Insurance plan that will cover you. The new Texas Pre Existing Condition Health Insurance plan is your answer. If you qualify for this insurance this is your answer. This is not a discount plan but full fledged Health Insurance. So if you need coverage send me a message from this site or call 512-260-0856 and lets talk.Here are the Texas rates.


When you are planning to possess a baby you realize you’re going to possess a stay in hospital.
Texas maternity insurance can relieve the financial pressure connected with pregnancy and maternity leave.
Many growing people are battling to pay the bills – before losing mother’s earnings throughout maternity leave, after which adding an additional mouth to give. And there’s always that doubt at the back of the mind: let’s say tips over throughout my pregnancy?If you’re planning getting pregnant, you’ve got a once-in-a-lifetime chance to purchase earnings protection to pay for an organized event: your normal maternity labor and delivery! Frequently occasions Hospital Indemnity insurance coverage is  pays for normal labor and delivery, plus extra coverage for premature birth, or cesarean delivery.

Texas  Maternity Insurance – Hospital Indemnity

Texas  maternity insurance fills gaps present in many medical health insurance plans – like hospital insurance deductibles. Many medical health insurance plans now contain these insurance deductibles to keep premium costs low. Inside a typical year, nearly all employees inside a group health plan will not step feet right into a hospital so a sizable hospital deductible works best for most. However, in case your likely to grow family you realize your going to possess a stay in hospital and will also be confronted with having to pay medical insurance deductibles.

Hospital indemnity insurance pays a cash benefit straight to you for the normal labor and delivery, creating additional maternity leave earnings and/or supplying supplemental income to pay for your deductible. Even when your wellbeing insurance covers 100% of the maternity bills, this supplemental plan pays exactly the same benefit straight to you.

More to the point, 12% of babies are born premature and could spend some time in Neonatal Intensive Care (NICU). In such a circumstance throughout your maternity experience, supplemental hospital insurance pays another advantage. Texas maternity insurance benefits are due only if coverage starts prior to getting pregnant. Don’t delay, get a supplemental maternity insurance in Texas today!