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If you are pregnant and do not have Health Insurance there is a Insurance plan that will cover you. The new Texas Pre Existing Condition Health Insurance plan is your answer. If you qualify for this insurance this is your answer. This is not a discount plan but full fledged Health Insurance. So if you need coverage send me a message from this site or call 512-260-0856 and lets talk.Here are the Texas rates.

Age Standard Option Extended Option HSA Option
0 to 18 $133 $179 $138
19 to 34 $199 $268 $207
35 to 44 $239 $323 $248
45 to 54 $306 $412 $318
55+ $426 $572 $442
Has been pregnant considered a pre-existing condition when altering insurance?No.Based on the Department of Labor’ HIPAA Act of 1996, “… HIPAA forbids plans from using a pre-existing condition exclusion to pregnancy, genetic information, and certain children”.

Info from Dept. at work website: world wide asked questions/faq_consumer_hipaa.HTML


the laws and regulations that govern group and individual health plans are quite different if this involves pre-existing conditions, and therefore are enforced or controlled through the condition department of insurance within the condition where you reside.

individual plans, almost without exception, won’t undertake an expectant applicant, or perhaps a male who’s searching for any adverse health plan if he’s fathered a young child that has not been born yet.

group plans are more likely to simply accept an expectant worker, or even the spouse of the pregnant lady, on the plan following the employer’s probation period has ended. however, it is possible when the pregnancy is past the first trimester to come across problems getting recognized. the quickest method of getting the real answer in cases like this would be to discover exactly what the employer’s probation period is (3 months or whatever), as well as request the advantages administrator at the organization to call the insurance company and request them directly. in Texas, legally, pregnancy should be covered like every other pre-existing condition on the group plan. however, if pre-ex conditions have having to wait of 12 several weeks and baby arrives in 6 several weeks, it does not help a brand new worker much.

finally, every condition comes with an individual medical health insurance plan that’s backed through the condition department, for persons with pre-existing that can’t get covered or recognized anywhere. perform a Search for “[your condition] department of insurance” and also the link for that site can come up. contact them or evaluate the website and search for the ‘risk pool’ plan. in Texas, blue mix blue shield may be the provider. every condition is difference. they policy provides coverage for persons with terminal illness, pregnancy, and other things other insurance providers frequently decline or charge a lot of money to pay for. the rates are about 1.25 – 1.5 occasions a lot more than medical health insurance for the similar applicant could be having a company that doesn’t cover pre-existing conditions, however the coverage is guaranteed. quite simply, you cannot be rejected.

this works perfectly if you have medical health insurance that does not cover maternity. the danger pool plan may have a minimum of a one year waiting period for pre-ex, like group health plans do. for those who have had your old medical health insurance for just about any time period – specifically for twelve several weeks already – you receive credit for your coverage as well as your waiting period for pre-ex is removed around the new plan. should you have had coverage for six several weeks, the danger pool gives you six several weeks of credit from the pre-ex waiting period. in case your baby’s due in 8 several weeks, it’ll work since you just wait six several weeks for that pre-ex area of the coverage to work. in case your baby’s due by 50 percent several weeks, your pre-ex period will not be over yet also it her pregnancy will not be covered.

what exactly is the next step when the solutions above don’t meet your needs …?

inside a worse situation scenario, you are able to approach your obstetrician and negotiate a cost for any bundle of nine several weeks of prenatal care and baby delivery. the price could be a minimum of $2,500-3,500 for c-sec, $5,000-7,000. your money offer ought to be 50% of regardless of the physician charges insurance providers for the similar service. offer monthly obligations using the 4g iphone due around the baby’s deadline. you are able to negotiate a healthcare facility bill for any bundle to have an overnight stay way.

call each health care provider (doctor and also the hospital) to find the charge they give to insurance providers for that services you’ll need before you decide to let on you have to negotiate your bill. if you’re able to, spend the money for hospital payments within the nine several weeks throughout her pregnancy and they’re going to be more prone to accept the arrangement. collecting money for medical services following the care continues to be made is actually difficult, a lot of medical companies tend not to negotiate whatsoever. you shouldn’t be frustrated. good doctor paperwork and hospitals do that everyday, but it is not within the grapevine for that public to understand. it’s not hard to stress if you are expecting and do not have maternity. instill the concept in your head that everything’s negotiable, and trudge ahead with getting a physician and hospital you want. your determination can have and assist you to throughout discussions. it is also a great persuasion tool to create your arrangement in writing whenever you present it to some health care provider to exhibit how serious you’re.

for those who have every other questions, don’t hesitate to email me. I am a Group One licensed insurance professional. i sell health, existence, dental, annuities and am nearly to write a magazine to describe insurance better for customers and enable them to save 3-4 figures annually on medical health insurance rates.

towards the extent i’m able to help anymore i’d be very glad to.