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After a full year of research and development, Agent Navigator was launched in December of 2010. The goal is to become the premier website for education and information for all lines of insurance. Currently we support the life, senior and health insurance markets with property and casualty due to launch by the end of 2011.

The concept of this site started after quickly discovering that there is no single place to go for insurance agents to find information regarding any aspect of their business; be it getting contracted or purchasing a product. Some information can be found scattered around the internet. Other information cannot be found at all.

This site is updated often with new information and training so we encourage agents to subscribe to our newsletter in order to receive all updates.

Agent Navigator focuses on three areas:

  • Training
  • State specific information
  • Product/Service comparisons


We offer free training for life, health and senior agents. On top of live webinars and podcasts we also have a video and article library.

State Specific Information

Our state map is arguably one of the site’s best features. Insurance across all lines is very state specific. Carriers, products and commissions change based on each state’s department of insurance regulations. We also offer a comprehensive guide of products available per state.

In addition to listing the insurance carrier’s products, we also feature state-specific news as well as a marketplace for products and services that only apply to a particular state.

Product & Services Comparison

We are firm believers that knowledge is power. Agents should be able to shop and compare any product or service just like we compare others products in the marketplace. In the past, agents had to search the net for any particular product or service then start calling vendors one by one in order to compare. However, using our quote engine, agents can finally do side-by-side comparisons.

We are always open to suggestions on how to improve the site, please contact us.

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