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More options for better health.

UnitedHealthcare has a number of plans* that will help you discover the coverage you’ll need in a cost you really can afford. You can also buy optional benefits and riders to help improve your coverage.

Our overall health insurance coverage include:


Created for people and families preferring the benefit of the traditional copay arrange for routine healthcare expenses.

Health Checking Account (HSA)

Less expensive, high-deductible plans coupled with a tax-preferred checking account for additional treatments for healthcare expenses.

High Deductible

A appropriate option for people and families who take responsibility for routine healthcare expenses.

Temporary Medical

Made to help fill gaps in insurance policy throughout occasions of transition and alter.

Student Coverage

Essential medical-care coverage for college students.

Need insurance on your own the family?

For costs, benefits, exclusions, restrictions, qualifications and renewal terms.

Insurance and HMO plans are susceptible to health underwriting and product availability

and insurance and HMO plan designs vary by condition.


Convenience and comprehensive coverage combined.

Copay insurance coverage offer most of the same features, benefits, and qualifications as traditional employer insurance coverage.

Copay insurance coverage:

Need a set fee for visits to the doctor and maintenance visits for your Preferred Network physician

Cover 100% of the background and exam costs after copayment (susceptible to all policy provisions)

Usually include prescription drug card benefits

Golden Rule covers inpatient and outpatient medical expenses up to and including $3 million lifetime obtain the most per covered individual. You may even decide to buy as much as $5 million in coverage. A Golden Rule Copay insurance policy might be best for you should you:

Like the convenience and of a routine of copayments for routine healthcare expenses

Have youthful kids with regularly scheduled physician visits

Want copayment benefits for maintenance and prescription medications

ealth Savings Accounts (HSA)

Seize control of the healthcare dollars.

Health Savings Accounts (HSA) mix a lesser-cost, high deductible medical health insurance plan having a tax-preferred checking account.

HSAs permit you to:

Deposit the cash it will save you on rates to your tax-preferred health checking account (HSA), susceptible to federal limits

Begin using these savings to pay for your qualified healthcare expenses before you meet your deductible

Have insurance start having to pay your covered healthcare costs when your deductible is met

Let your unspent savings rollover every year and earn interest

High Deductible

A cost-effective method to safeguard your wellbeing.

Some people would rather pay a greater deductible, understanding that all subsequent covered expenses is going to be compensated by their insurance policy.

Rich in deductible insurance coverage:

You are taking responsibility for covering any minor or routine healthcare expenses until your twelve months deductible is met

When you meet your deductible, your covered healthcare pricing is compensated by insurance

Your deductible is greater than other insurance coverage, however your fees are low

A Golden Rule® High Deductible Insurance Policy might be best for you if you’re:

Willing to cover routine healthcare expenses in return for lower rates

An earlier retired person requiring a bridge to Medicare insurance

Searching for defense against unpredicted accidents or ailments cheaper

Temporary Medical

Do not get caught within the gap.

Whenever a existence change leaves you without medical health insurance, you’ll need coverage to enable you to get with the transition period safely and with confidence.

A Brief Term Health care insurance plan can:

Help smooth a existence transition by looking into making sure you’re never without being insured coverage

Offer optional periods of coverage in one to 6 several weeks. (In Florida, Connecticut and Nh, the number is 1-4 several weeks.)

A Golden Rule® Temporary Health care insurance plan might be best for you if you’re:

Between jobs or unemployed

A youthful adult carried out with school, or perhaps a student no more within parent’s insurance policy

An earlier retired person

Awaiting other coverage to start

We provide a variety of insurance deductibles, payment options and period of coverage. You may also drop your Temporary Medical care coverage anytime without penalty.


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